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Dec 09

So poor kids do poorly on standardized tests? Huh... -

"The PISA Stat No One in the U.S. Wants to Address | Crooks and Liars"

Aug 29

“A South Korean education official surveys the damage and says, in effect, “What do high test scores matter when we’re destroying our children? We’re struggling to move beyond this stifling test-prep version of education, and you Americans want to imitate us??”” — Five bad education assumptions the media keeps recycling

Jul 30

How Andrew Vanden Heuvel Is Revolutionizing Education from Outside the Classroom | EdTech Magazine -

A friend and colleague, good stuff!

Jul 29

Michigan's schools chief 1 of 28 education officials nationwide paid more than governor | -

I find it rather ironic that Mississippi’s Superintendent is the highest paid given thier stellar record in public education…

Jul 17

Latest Parenting Trend: The CTFD Method -


I know many people want to stay current with the latest parenting trends—attachment parenting, minimalist parenting, Tiger Mother parenting, et al. Well, I’ve stumbled upon a new technique that will guarantee your child grows up to be an exemplary student and citizen. It’s called CTFD, which…

Jul 16

“We have a choice in this country. Keep listening to the story told by the “reformers” and end up with test-score mills even worse than the ones we have now, or listen to teachers who want a public education system that isn’t an industrial factory spitting out test takers but that offers schools that are places for deep thinking, learning, creativity, play, wonder, engagement, hard work, and intense fun.” — Teachers or ‘Quantitative Learning Gains Facilitators?’

Jul 09

“I have learned that a school is not a business. Schools are unable to control the quality of their raw material, they are dependent upon the vagaries of politics for a reliable revenue stream, and they are constantly mauled by a howling horde of disparate, competing customer groups that would send the best CEO screaming into the night.” — Why schools aren’t businesses: The blueberry story

Jun 20

“Parents need to abandon the idea of perfection and give up some of the invasive control they’ve maintained over their children. The goal of parenting, Portmann reminds, is to raise an independent human being.” — A Nation of Wimps | Psychology Today

“There is in these studies a lesson for all parents. Those who allow their kids to find a way to deal with life’s day-to-day stresses by themselves are helping them develop resilience and coping strategies.” — A Nation of Wimps | Psychology Today

Jun 12

James Meredith asks 21 tough questions about school reform -

Mind Blown! Great questions, who has the answers?